Episode Five: Jill Dunn Jones

Veronica interviews one of her all time favorite humans, Jill Dunn Jones. The badass Artistic Director at PA Youth Theatre.

Episode Two: Elaine Zelker

Veronica and Amy feel empowered AF after interviewing Elaine Zelker. A true badass who isn’t here to play.

6 Positives to Being Cold AF

We get it: it’s cold AF out there. We’re talking about it – it’s all up in your Instagram feed – it’s a situation. I’m with you. Here’s the thing though, there are some positives to this time of year. And I didn’t really have to dig deep to find them – I just put…

10 Anti-Basic NY Resolutions

I think it’s time we stop pressuring ourselves to join a new gym and start amping up the originality. Here are some ideas to get the betterment ball rolling, with a little more style.

Screw Your To-Do List

I’d rather be a shitty gift-giver than a pre-occupied daughter, or an unavailable friend.


Here’s the thing: eventually doesn’t actually exist. There’s no time-line of when we should finally be adults and check the boxes on our eventually list.

We’re So Young

Stop looking back, or looking ahead, or worrying about what makes sense for your age. I’m so young, but I was so young 10 years ago and I’ll be so young 10 years from now.