Screw Your To-Do List

I’d rather be a shitty gift-giver than a pre-occupied daughter, or an unavailable friend.


Here’s the thing: eventually doesn’t actually exist. There’s no time-line of when we should finally be adults and check the boxes on our eventually list.

We’re So Young

Stop looking back, or looking ahead, or worrying about what makes sense for your age. I’m so young, but I was so young 10 years ago and I’ll be so young 10 years from now.

Loving You: A Crash Course

I think the teacher in me would remind you to point out strengths in yourself, to remember that a mistake is merely an opportunity for growth, and that taking time for reflection is sometimes all you need.

Wherever You Want

Trust that you are exactly where you need to be and that the universe will whisper in your ear when you need her to the most.

Heart in a Bucket

How lucky we are to feel things, to have beating hearts, to always have the option of hope.

My Week With Sasha

I want to be grateful for my plate of food even when it’s empty, and focus on the people who always show up instead of dwelling on the absent. I want to be me, in all caps, every day. Like Sasha.

10 Reasons to See White Christmas This Holiday Season

If you’re a Lehigh Valley native, you know just how unbounded your choices are for live theatre. We take for granted how lucky we are to be in such an artistic community; local theatres hiring local artists under the direction of local leaders. It’s incredible, and in a way exceptional. With so many upcoming happenings…

The Way I See You

In my experience, the people who are questioning their place in life, the people who continue to fight for that fire in their eyes, or search for something more, the next thing; those are the most beautiful people of all.

The Beauty of Beginnings

Feel that cold wind and don’t run away from it. Look it right in the face and be sure that it’s bound to take you places.

The Art of Getting to Know People

Every August, no matter what your profession may be, you really can’t negate that undeniable, unavoidable sense of beginning that makes its way into the air. The anticipation of fall slowly but surely closes in on us, the SUV’s chockfull with dorm-room drawers are filling up the highways, and we become a little more open…