First off: this is NOT meant to push being single on anyone. There are few things I hate more than people telling others what to do with their love life. “You should be dating.” Or “You should be single!” are both statements that are really none of the verbalizers business. I have young friends in serious relationships, and older friends in happy marriages. GO THEM! I love it. But dating, relationships, sharing your time with someone, etc; these are things I can’t write about, because I have almost no experience in any of the above. Seriously… none.

Nonetheless, being single is something I’ve spent my whole life becoming familiar with. (Don’t be sad, I’m not.) I had a love/hate relationship with the concept for quite a while until I realized that the negativity mostly came from the outside world; and that I myself, was perfectly fine with seeing a movie by myself. In fact, since I’ve started embracing the idea, I can’t imagine life any other way. I’m sure one day that will all change; but for now, I may as well own it. Here’s why:

11. My time, just mine.
I am the only person I have to worry about on the weekends. I can schedule 543 things to do, or none at all. The deciding jury, outside of what my bank account will allow, is little old me!

10. Girlfriends.
When you’re single, your friendships become your number one focus. You can invest as much time as you want into them, learn from them, have fun in them, and gain fulfillment in them. That’s a beautiful thing that I may even miss if the love bug ever catches up with me.

9. Share the remote? No thank you.
I will watch cheesy Hallmark movies the entire month of December, and no one will EVER know. Unless you read this. Thanks for reading this, by the way.

8. Stretching out.
When you have the ability to lay in bed at night and form a giant “X” with your body, stretching as far as you can to reach each corner post, it’s really hard to be lonely.

7. My car, my music.
Because when I drive I tend to throw it back 70’s style, and there’s nothing anyone can say about it. Seriously, who doesn’t listen to Bread?!

6. Guilt is nowhere on my radar.
If I spontaneously want to hop on a plane and visit friends for the weekend, no one is going to miss out on their hot date Saturday night.

5. You’re the go-to wingman.
Whenever one of my friends goes through a break-up and joins the single forces, I’m right there in the sidelines, ready to help them dance their ex away.

4. Less money at Victoria’s Secret = more money for wine.
Because who would know the difference?

3. Swooning is always allowed.
I will pin as many picture of Ryan Gosling as my heart desires because no one will be jealous.

2. No one watches you eat.
Because Papa John’s small pizzas are a perfect meal for one; and if I have a few glasses of red with it, I go to sleep happy. (And judgment free.)

1. Self-discovery is real.
Of course being single isn’t all fun and games. It can be hard, but it really forces you to rely on yourself. There’s something to be said for a person comfortable with who they are, and when you are all that you have, there’s really no other choice but to get comfy.

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