10 Reasons to See White Christmas This Holiday Season

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If you’re a Lehigh Valley native, you know just how unbounded your choices are for live theatre. We take for granted how lucky we are to be in such an artistic community; local theatres hiring local artists under the direction of local leaders. It’s incredible, and in a way exceptional. With so many upcoming happenings to choose from, I know it can seem overwhelming, and that’s why I’m here to help you make the best selection, (in a totally impartial fashion*).

November is upon us, and let’s face it, it’s acceptable to start planning for the holidays. Don’t be a Grinch – Thanksgiving is merely the kick-off into cheesy Hallmark movies and the merited stress we secretly look forward to in buying gifts for the people we love. Be honest with yourself: holiday planning is now suitable behavior; or as I like to say, totes appropes. Once you’ve overcome the denial and embrace some candy cane coffee into your life, I suggest you buy tickets to see White Christmas at the Pennsylvania Playhouse. Already convinced? Click here. Not so much? Here are 10 reasons I think you ought to reconsider.

10. There’s nothing better than a classic.
White Christmas was 1954’s largest motion film earner. Clearly, it was an adored film from the beginning, and is still a popular movie even today. Those songs you love, “White Christmas,” “Snow,” “Sisters” . . . yeah, we sing them all.

9. Affordable date night.
Looking for a way to surprise your honey? White Christmas, among the many wonderful things it represents, is essentially a love story. We assure you it’ll impress, even on a budget! (Bring your student ID, baby!)

8. Cozy Thursday night performances.
The Playhouse has been incorporating some fun themes for our Thursday night performances as a way of saying “thank you” to our audiences for coming out on a week night. Start your weekend early and buy a ticket to be a part of something special.

7. Located in Christmas City, helloooooo!
If you’ve never experienced Bethlehem during the holiday season, you’re really missing out. What’s the perfect Saturday in December? How about exploring the streets of Christmas City and then catching an 8:00 performance of White Christmas? Problem solved.

6. Don’t worry about getting a bad seat. We’re an intimate, unique theatre.
The really cool thing about seeing a show at the Playhouse is that no seat is more than 9 rows away from the stage. Because of our intimate seating and “thrust” stage placement (Google it!) you don’t have to worry about missing any of the action.

5. You’d be supporting the local art community.
In buying a ticket to see any show, at any theatre in the valley, you’re really just casting a vote that says “I support local.” And we dig that.

4. There’s some serious tap-dancing going on here.
There are a lot of great productions to see this December, and we are in full support. But I can’t assure you that you’ll find as much tap dancing as you will in seeing White Christmas.

3. The production team is the best of the best.
There’s really no point in having a spaghetti dinner unless it’s fully equipped with the right salad, bread, and bottle of red. Am I right? Not only is this production under the direction of one of the most respected artists in our community, but he’s brought on the best music director, choreographer, and costumer an actor could ask for. The amount of talent that the production team brings to the table is up to par with the most quintessential Italian meal.

2. Escape reality just for a little.
Whether you’re going through a mid-life crisis, quarter-life crisis, or just a plan old crisis – there is no better place to escape to than the theatre. Let yourself forget the worries of tomorrow and travel back to a better place with us. A place where heartbreaks just opened up the opportunity for a ballad and you couldn’t follow your ex on Instagram.

1. Share a room with some really beautiful souls.
The arts community is really a special part of the Valley. I have met some of the most embracive, warm, inclusive, and generous people through theatre, and often feel undeserving to call so many of them friends. By coming to see this show, you are immersing yourself into a room full of gracious individuals and seeing the community around you for it’s very talented, organically special self. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Buy your tickets today, come on, you know you want to.

*by impartial, I mean, I’m actually in it. So while this is an extremely biased post, I’d like to believe there’s a whole lot of truth to it.

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