6 Reasons The Selfie Generation Will Make A Difference

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Did you know that the generation coined ‘Millennials’ are predicted to become more like the “civic-minded” G.I. generation with a resilient sense of community; both local and global? Did you know that civic-minded is defined as individuals who want to make a difference in the community? I’m 99% sure that if you’re reading this blog, you are said Millennial; or just a hella dope person. Either way, you don’t need convincing as to why we have it more figured out than the haters think—so do me a favor and pass this along the next time you notice someone rolling their eyes at your selfie.

While some would argue that Millennials should really be termed ‘Generation Me’ due to our tendencies of entitlement and narcissism; I’d like to make the opposing case as to why we may just take over the world. Have at it, yo.

6. Selfies are confident.
If I wanted to see a picture of the sunset, I could Google a picture of a sunset. Don’t get me wrong; I follow a lot of talented people on social media who take beautiful photos—and I LOVE it. But when I get to see what my friend looks like that day after she got ready for work, that’s real, and I like it. Literally and figuratively. So before you roll your eyes when you spot that twenty-something taking a picture of herself in her car, remember that she’s sharing it with all of her friends; who will more than likely boost her day by commenting on how fresh she looks.

5. Acceptance is a thing.
Take away any religious belief you might have; don’t you think it’s a beautiful thing that because we are so self-based, we choose to accept everyone for who they are; and not make personal choices for them? I realize that’s a loaded statement, and I don’t care. I love that our narcissistic and entitled generation takes pride in human rights and loving everyone for who they are.

4. Going viral means making a difference.
If Twitter was around in 1954; think of how bad-ass The Civil Rights Movement would have been? Not that it already wasn’t world-changing and all—but think about it! I love that there are special people, stories, and causes out there that become a sensation all thanks to civilization and our interest in them. Because when our efforts and awareness bring that cause to light, it really does make a difference. Did you know about the ALS Foundation before this summer? I know I didn’t. Difference made.

3. Facebook = community.
“Oh you kids and you’re Facebook!” It may seem impersonal and detached, and yes, maybe we are a little bit obsessed with it. However, it is the opposite of impersonal. It is a place to share stories, comments, pictures, and ideas. It is a place to find comfort from your friends, plan real life happenings, and take communication to the next level. Stop judging it and try understanding it. I bet if John F. Kennedy had a Facebook page in 1961, he would have had 5 million followers.

2. Communication leads to debates.
Speaking of Facebook, it’s become apparent to me within the last few weeks just how informed so many of my friends really are. Social media and the topics trending open my mind to so many stories, facts, and also to my friends views on each topic. Even if the discussion varies, it’s comforting to know that so many young people care about what’s going on in the world they live in. There’s that whole community thing again.

1. Self-reliance means taking our time.
Millennials don’t have an agenda. Maybe we won’t be married with kids by the time we’re 30. Maybe we will be more in the “all about me” frame of thought. What’s so wrong with that? When I look at some of the leaders of the world, I notice that they all tend to be against-the-grainers. They followed their intuition and opened their minds to experience, to life. Now, maybe I’m biased, but that sounds like a plan to me.

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