Listen, I get it: the world is in turmoil. Everything is happening and it’s all happening at once. I feel completely inundated by the news and I’m not even on Facebook. Hurricanes, earthquakes, missing people, lawsuits and inappropriate tweets. Gone are the days I can focus all my energy on pop-culture. Shit is real.

I really applaud the people who are rallying and making things better; doing their part – and I am 100% for it. But if you’re currently sedentary like I am and looking for reasons to smile, I’ve got them for you.

10. TV though.
Beauty & the Beast is on Netflix now. And I’m not talking the ’91 version. Also so is Jaws 1-3. I’d encourage you to start with that and finish with a little BATB action for a beastly combo. PLUS Will & Grace is coming back so….

9. Kesha’s new music.
Listen, I used to hate on this girl and her lyrics. But after her messy legal battle with former producer Dr. Luke, she is finally free and her new album, Rainbow, is a huge middle finger in the air. There’s a lot of cursing and feminist over-tones, so be ready to roll your windows down and love it.

8. Fall so hard.
If you haven’t pinterest’d your favorite spiked-cider recipe yet, you just earned yourself a homework assignment. And why is pumpkin always such a controversy? I say we embrace it. There’s enough in this world to complain about other than peoples latte choice.

7. Festival season is still going strong.
And guess what? You don’t have to sweat your way between food vendors. The chilled air is slowly entering the building.

6. Stephen King just turned 70 today, so that’s something.

5. Competition season is back.
The hardest decision I make every Monday is whether I should watch The Voice or Dancing With the Stars. This will of course all change when Stranger Things comes out with a new season.

…i’m realizing I may have a TV problem.

4. Sean Spicer recently came out and said he never “knowingly” lied to the American people. Phew. 🙂

3. Summer is gone, but wine is still here. And so is harvest sangria.

2. Sometimes when Portia de Rossi posts to Instragram, Ellen reposts it and it makes me feel like love lives on and it’s everything.

1. You’re reading this! And yes, there are some serious things happening out there but you can still smile and laugh and be with good people so go do that.

One Reply to “10 Things to Be Happy About RN”

  1. Nice to see you back! I always enjoy reading whatever you have to say. I guess I need a Word Press to be able to comment on your page.


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