When there are so many opportunities to be inventively judge-y, I feel like I can’t go a day without someone commenting on my age. I’m never sure why it’s a relative talking point – or even arguably important, but it comes up more often than my occupation or gender. “You’re so young.” “You’ll get there one day.” Or my favorite: “In due time.” Yes, thank you. I get it, I’m young(er)(ish) – who the hell cares?

I know there are valid points that marry experience and maturity. This is not my case. But this whole concept of “the good old days” or getting somewhere in 10 years is a huge bag of bologna, IMHO.

Maturity and age are not always related. (Do you follow Spencer Pratt on Snapchat?!) Sometimes, yes, they most definitely are. But let’s not totally generalize this like we so often do. More than anything, what I hate about this implication is that I am in my glory days, my prime, and should somehow have to “pay” for this – earn my keep, so to speak. Prove my life experience, or understanding of the world. I’m just not there yet. But I’ll get there, one day – stick with me, kid.

Where is THERE?! Where am I getting to, or going to? Do you mean to tell me that life will just start making sense once I reach a certain point? I have a lot of friends who would probably laugh out loud at this idea. Is there ever going to be a time when I feel like I’ve “gotten” there? Because I think if that’s your attitude – you probably won’t. You’ll probably always be waiting for tomorrow. “There-land” has 0 citizens.

The truth is, I am living my pseudo “good old days,” but so are you, actually. From where I sit, your prime is a frame of mind. Often times I look back on even the most delicate, heart-changing chapters of my life and realize they too are good, old days. Those days, those were times that I most certainly never felt like I was getting “there” but maybe that’s ultimately what they mean by “there.” The place where you’re growing, which is every day – if you’re open to it.

Every minute we’re here is a prime time in our life. Every day can be good and I don’t think age is a good enough reason to hold back. I know some 8th graders who have had to face more in their lifetime than your average 22-year-old college senior, and I’d probably rather hang out with them if I’m being honest.

Stop looking back, or looking ahead, or worrying about what makes sense for your age. I’m so young, but I was so young 10 years ago and I’ll be so young 10 years from now. You’re still young. Start doing what feels right to you, right now, because we’re here. And because we’re here, we have an obligation to do what makes us happy.

So maybe I’ll get there one day, but I’m in no rush. Because I love every minute of being here, whatever that minute has in store, at whatever age I happen to be.

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