It’s that time. Beginnings are upon us and the start of a new year brings with it a boatload of something we often put on the back burner: hope. This year will be different – I’ll be better. I’m all about it. I love the optimism and I say the more the merrier. But for arguments sake, I think it’s time we stop pressuring ourselves to join a new gym and start amping up the originality. Here are some ideas to get the betterment ball rolling, with a little more style.

10. Notice when you wake up.
It’s so easy to roll over and stare at your phone screen. I’ve tried to make it a rule to keep my phone in a different corner of the room to avoid this habit. This way, when I wake up, I can actually feel my feet touch the ground for the first time that day, worrying about my damn self, and not just the people in my newsfeed.

9. When you thank someone, mean it.
I’ve recently become a thank you whore. I’ve probably expressed the same amount of gratitude to the baggers at the grocery store as I have to my own mother. I’d like to work on this. Instead of throwing thank you’s around like confetti, I think I might try to be more specific. For example, “Thanks for being so quick with those bags. It’s really a huge help.” Versus, “Thanks for giving me life and raising me and shit.”

8. Set the ambiance for yourself.
Don’t save the new candle for when company is coming over. Set the mood for yourself, on a Tuesday in February and don’t take a picture to tell the world about it.

7. Have an anti-accountability partner.
We’re so hard on ourselves, especially in the goal-setting zone of January. Have a friend who can remind you how much of a boss-ass babe you are, even if you stopped for a doughnut on the way home from the gym. Because you’re still a boss regardless of sugar intake.

6. Drink more champagne.
I honestly don’t understand saving cork popping for special occasions. Keep a bottle of Asti in your fridge at all times this year and I can pretty much guarantee you will be a happier human.

5. Soften up.
Stop guarding yourself from the world. I get boundaries, I get self-protection. But keep your heart open and let people in. It feels almost as good as champagne.

4. Splurge.
I know most resolutions border the idea of saving, or being more financially responsible. But maybe 2018 is the year to book that trip you’ve been wanting to go on and promising yourself adventure. 2019 can be the year to pay it back.

3. Gift more.
Make it a point to randomly gift someone who wouldn’t expect it, maybe every other month. A latte, or even some new colored post-its. Just to say hey, you’re freaking killing it. As long as they don’t find it creepy, it feels damn good.

2. Bring bow ties back.
Who’s with me on this?! I’m wearing one New Years Day.

1. Don’t worry about your goals.
I know it sounds silly, and believe me when I say I am ALL about self-care. But also remember that you’re human. A beautiful, flawed, human, who deserves balance of self-care and indulgence. So take 2018 in strides and love yourself for it no matta what.


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