We get it: it’s cold AF out there. We’re talking about it – it’s all up in your Instagram feed – it’s a situation. I’m with you. Here’s the thing though, there are some positives to this time of year. And I didn’t really have to dig deep to find them – I just put less energy towards complaining about it.

If you need some reminders as to why you’re arguably choosing to face the tundra, here you go. I’m happy to report.

6. Your car is essentially a fridge/freezer.
Mid-June, when I stop for a bottle of chilled champagne, I know I can’t make any other stops until I get that bubbly in a fridge. Now? I’m fairly certain it will last until my final drinking destination. And that’s a good feeling.

5. “Stay warm!”
There’s something romantically charming about this. It’s so much better than your average “see you later.” Asking someone to take care of themselves is way more intimate and fun.

4. Stay in. (…and don’t feel bad about it.)
It’s hard to not feel guilty binge watching when the warm June afternoon sun is beating through your window. But laying under my afghan on a Saturday in January? That seems totes appropes.

3. Mittens and scarves.
Honestly though, cute mittens and huge scarves make me smile. No matter how early, dark, or cold it is. There’s some super obvious self-love going on when you bundle up, and that’s some straight up warmth.

2. The sky.
You probably already know this, but cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air can. Hence, sky clarity on these cold nights/mornings. So, before you hunch your shoulders and run to your car, look up. There’s a lot happening up there, and it’s worth a warming glance.

1. Everyone’s going through it.
Really though, we’re all in the same boat. During the summer, we’re all kind of off doing our own outdoor recreational things. But here in the arctic, we’re all pretty much on the same mission, (some form of sedentary drinking), which is kind of a cool sense of unity. Pun intended.

Stay warm!

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